Printmaking is the socialist medium.


The potential and scope of printmaking is limitless, and in the 21st Century printmaking is an essential tool to deliver an idea in a world with a distracted population. 


In something of a feat worthy of Hogwarts, prints-in-edition can exist in multiple places at the same time; something a painting can never do. A print can be rolled up and carried under your arm, or a print can cover the side of a large building. Both of these scales allow for work with power, grace, and meaning without pretense.

My work is print-based, however my prints may incorporate painting, drawing, sculpture, and installations. Images may come from shiny copper plates, ground limestones, hardwood blocks, digital printers, or inked kozo papers. The prints may be in edition, they may be monoprints, or they may even be architechture. They are not souvenirs of painting, they are not reproductions of work in another medium, and make no mistake; the medium is not the message. 

Above, a 26' x 52' print installed in the Lexus Club of the PPG Arena in Pittsburgh.


Below, an installation shot of 25 Adult Life Jackets, an artists book done in collaboration with poet Christopher Watkins.