Scott Sandell

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The success or failure of an artwork is often dependent on a small detail. A line, a subtle brushstroke, a hint of color, or even a drip of paint all have the power to change and define an image. If one's experience with a work of art takes place on a pocket-sized screen, any sort of nuance will be lost in an unfortunate digital translation. The line the artist lost sleep over won't even be visible, and what the viewer will walk away with is an incomplete and inaccurate understanding of the work. 

While technology offers us many conveniences, Instagram serves as a disservice to the visual artist, turning the efforts of artists into visual CliffsNotes, sound bites and misconceptions. 

It is true that any reproduction of an artwork cannot replace the original; however the hope is that this site will provide a reference for further consideration. Please contact the studio for opportunities to see the work in your part of the world.