Scott Sandell

Falling Sky 2020

There was a point where the wall could no longer hold the prints. They began to burst into space, hanging from the ceiling and projecting outward from the wall, becoming more and more sculptural. It was a way to suddenly see the front and back of a print at the same time.


Outdoor installations demanded the work be built from sailcloth instead of paper, and as the pieces changed and developed over time, the sailcloth pieces incorporated not only Dacron fabric, but also exotic laminates and carbon fiber cloth. The work is kinetic, and each individual piece rotates in the wind.


The installation above consists of six Dacron pieces, running north to south in Row 8 of the Cabernet Sauvignon at Roanoke Vineyards on Eastern Long Island. The outdoor installations are fleeting and temporary experiences, although indoor installations can be permanent. 

All works © Scott Sandell / Deepwater Projects 2021